25 Sep

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

Sole E35 Elliptical Machine The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is a sturdy machine that offers a number of features that are often only found on those that cost 2-3 times as much as this one. Elliptical trainers are often thought of as beasts that are really only useful in the gym. We don’t always want to go to the gym to get our exercise though. An at-home elliptical trainer is a means of staying at home while working up a sweat. Sole offers an elliptical trainer that has all the features you will find from a commercial brand in this bad boy.

It is manufactured by Sole Fitness, who is known for making quality treadmills. They have moved that quality into their line of elliptical trainers. Sole uses only the best materials coupled with an elegant design to ensure the user gets the most from their preferred form of exercise. This can be seen by the prevalence of Sole products at gyms and hotels. If they buy them, there must be a reason right?

It offers a variety of features that are top-notch for elliptical trainers. One of the best features of this elliptical is the brilliant digital display. It is positioned on the front of the machine in a beautiful blue display. The display shows variables such as time, calories burned, pulse, distance, and resistance. Another excellent add on is the on board speakers. These make it very easy to plug in your favorite MP3 player and listen to whatever you like while you are exercising. In addition, the Sole E35 offers a cooling fan. This small fan keeps a nice breeze on you while you are working up a sweat. These features are in addition to some of the standard elliptical trainer features such as an incline feature and oversized foot pads that are adjustable.

Assembly can be a time-consuming process. This trainer comes with a number of various parts that must be assembled in the correct manner to ensure a proper working machine. Fortunately, Sole provides very detailed instructions that are easily followed. In addition, tools are also included to assist with construction. While these tools can get the job done, it is recommended to have a ratchet set to speed up the process. Overall, assembly time should take anywhere between 2-3 hours if you are using the provided tools. Assembly time is considerably less using a ratchet set.

It also offers a very wide range of usage. You can either simply jump on without going to in-depth with the features or learn about the vast array of programs available. There are a number of preset programs that you can use for your workout or you can create your own. This makes the Sole E35 capable of managing as many programs as you have imagination to design.

This treadmill is an exceptional piece of exercise equipment that should be capable of filling almost anyone’s needs unless you prefer using spinning bikes. It has a very high weight capacity as well as any number of features to make your exercise more entertaining and fulfilling. The vibrant display, speakers, and customizable programming really make this elliptical trainer stand out from the herd. In addition, the Sole elliptical trainer feels like a sturdy machine that doesn’t move in the slightest during your workout. Couple that with Sole’s reputation for building quality products and you know this one is a winner.