24 Sep

Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II Review

Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle IIThe Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II Exercise Bike is a cheap alternative to the standard spinning bike. Spinning classes have become very popular in the gyms recently. These classes provide an excellent means to get your workout by riding on these upright exercise bikes. The only problem with taking these classes at the gym are the membership fees and the hassle of going to the gym on a regular basis. We sometimes want the convenience of exercising out of the comfort of our own homes. Spinning bikes are often very expensive so Phoenix gave us an alternative to spending thousands of dollars on one of these machines. You can find the in depth review by clicking here.

The Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II is an excellent entry-level spinning bike for spinning enthusiast. This fitness bike offers the same feel of riding as if you were in the gym taking a class. It is an excellent quality bicycle at a reduced price. All you really need to do is put in one of those spinning DVD’s on your television and get to working!

Entry level spinners are often very expensive or really lack the quality you have come to expect from the commercial grade exercise bikes. It tries to provide the same features while not needing a second mortgage to purchase it. This exercise bike comes with a rugged flywheel that weighs roughly 40 lbs. This is a fairly steep increase from other spinners. They often weigh around 30-33 lbs. A beefier flywheel means you don’t have to worry about wear as much from the braking or tension. The braking is accomplished using a dual-pad system that reduces pad wear. These features along with others greatly increase the life of this spinning exercise bike.

Spinning Bike SeatAnother excellent feature is that it uses a chain drive system as opposed to the more common belt drive system. The chain drive does make more noise than a belt drive, but it isn’t anything to be worried about. You can still multi-task while exercising (watch T.V. or listen to music). In addition, this chain drive increases the lifespan of the bike. Belt drives wear out much faster than a chain drive and will lead to costly replacements. The chain drive also allows for either forward or backward pedaling, unlike many other fitness bikes. An instant brake system allows you to quickly stop the wheel and begin pedaling backward. This is a truly adaptable bike that makes you think you are in the gym.

Unfortunately, spinning bikes have one thing in common; very hard seats. This spinning bike is no exception to this. The seat makes you feel like you are sitting on a true road bike, which is not such a good thing in our opinion. Purchasing one of the gel seat covers greatly reduces the uncomfortable nature of the seat and increases the enjoyment while riding.Handle Bar Information

Spinning exercise bikes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get your workout at home. It is a common misconception that you have to pay through the teeth to get something similar to what you can find at the gym. This may be true to get some of the more advanced models like a Keiser M3, but there are a few alternatives that are good for the beginner or intermediate spinner. The Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II is one of those alternatives. It provides excellent quality for the price and promises to last a long time. The sturdy flywheel and dual-brake system adds to the belief that this is a quality bike. Take a look and see what you think about this fitness bike.