25 Sep

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

Sole E35 Elliptical Machine The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is a sturdy machine that offers a number of features that are often only found on those that cost 2-3 times as much as this one. Elliptical trainers are often thought of as beasts that are really only useful in the gym. We don’t always want to go to the gym to get our exercise though. An at-home elliptical trainer is a means of staying at home while working up a sweat. Sole offers an elliptical trainer that has all the features you will find from a commercial brand in this bad boy.

It is manufactured by Sole Fitness, who is known for making quality treadmills. They have moved that quality into their line of elliptical trainers. Sole uses only the best materials coupled with an elegant design to ensure the user gets the most from their preferred form of exercise. This can be seen by the prevalence of Sole products at gyms and hotels. If they buy them, there must be a reason right?

It offers a variety of features that are top-notch for elliptical trainers. One of the best features of this elliptical is the brilliant digital display. It is positioned on the front of the machine in a beautiful blue display. The display shows variables such as time, calories burned, pulse, distance, and resistance. Another excellent add on is the on board speakers. These make it very easy to plug in your favorite MP3 player and listen to whatever you like while you are exercising. In addition, the Sole E35 offers a cooling fan. This small fan keeps a nice breeze on you while you are working up a sweat. These features are in addition to some of the standard elliptical trainer features such as an incline feature and oversized foot pads that are adjustable.

Assembly can be a time-consuming process. This trainer comes with a number of various parts that must be assembled in the correct manner to ensure a proper working machine. Fortunately, Sole provides very detailed instructions that are easily followed. In addition, tools are also included to assist with construction. While these tools can get the job done, it is recommended to have a ratchet set to speed up the process. Overall, assembly time should take anywhere between 2-3 hours if you are using the provided tools. Assembly time is considerably less using a ratchet set.

It also offers a very wide range of usage. You can either simply jump on without going to in-depth with the features or learn about the vast array of programs available. There are a number of preset programs that you can use for your workout or you can create your own. This makes the Sole E35 capable of managing as many programs as you have imagination to design.

This treadmill is an exceptional piece of exercise equipment that should be capable of filling almost anyone’s needs unless you prefer using spinning bikes. It has a very high weight capacity as well as any number of features to make your exercise more entertaining and fulfilling. The vibrant display, speakers, and customizable programming really make this elliptical trainer stand out from the herd. In addition, the Sole elliptical trainer feels like a sturdy machine that doesn’t move in the slightest during your workout. Couple that with Sole’s reputation for building quality products and you know this one is a winner.

24 Sep

Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II Review

Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle IIThe Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II Exercise Bike is a cheap alternative to the standard spinning bike. Spinning classes have become very popular in the gyms recently. These classes provide an excellent means to get your workout by riding on these upright exercise bikes. The only problem with taking these classes at the gym are the membership fees and the hassle of going to the gym on a regular basis. We sometimes want the convenience of exercising out of the comfort of our own homes. Spinning bikes are often very expensive so Phoenix gave us an alternative to spending thousands of dollars on one of these machines. You can find the in depth review by clicking here.

The Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II is an excellent entry-level spinning bike for spinning enthusiast. This fitness bike offers the same feel of riding as if you were in the gym taking a class. It is an excellent quality bicycle at a reduced price. All you really need to do is put in one of those spinning DVD’s on your television and get to working!

Entry level spinners are often very expensive or really lack the quality you have come to expect from the commercial grade exercise bikes. It tries to provide the same features while not needing a second mortgage to purchase it. This exercise bike comes with a rugged flywheel that weighs roughly 40 lbs. This is a fairly steep increase from other spinners. They often weigh around 30-33 lbs. A beefier flywheel means you don’t have to worry about wear as much from the braking or tension. The braking is accomplished using a dual-pad system that reduces pad wear. These features along with others greatly increase the life of this spinning exercise bike.

Spinning Bike SeatAnother excellent feature is that it uses a chain drive system as opposed to the more common belt drive system. The chain drive does make more noise than a belt drive, but it isn’t anything to be worried about. You can still multi-task while exercising (watch T.V. or listen to music). In addition, this chain drive increases the lifespan of the bike. Belt drives wear out much faster than a chain drive and will lead to costly replacements. The chain drive also allows for either forward or backward pedaling, unlike many other fitness bikes. An instant brake system allows you to quickly stop the wheel and begin pedaling backward. This is a truly adaptable bike that makes you think you are in the gym.

Unfortunately, spinning bikes have one thing in common; very hard seats. This spinning bike is no exception to this. The seat makes you feel like you are sitting on a true road bike, which is not such a good thing in our opinion. Purchasing one of the gel seat covers greatly reduces the uncomfortable nature of the seat and increases the enjoyment while riding.Handle Bar Information

Spinning exercise bikes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get your workout at home. It is a common misconception that you have to pay through the teeth to get something similar to what you can find at the gym. This may be true to get some of the more advanced models like a Keiser M3, but there are a few alternatives that are good for the beginner or intermediate spinner. The Phoenix Revolution Pro Cycle II is one of those alternatives. It provides excellent quality for the price and promises to last a long time. The sturdy flywheel and dual-brake system adds to the belief that this is a quality bike. Take a look and see what you think about this fitness bike.

24 Apr

Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)

Stamina air rowerUpon receiving such a large machine, the thought of assembling it can be quite intimidating. Luckily though, many owners complimented the easy assembly of this model, and believed that the short set-up time enabled them to spend more time enjoying their workout!

Buyers were pleased with the smooth operation of this rowing machine. This smoothness improved the quality and the effectiveness of owners’ workouts, and it also helped to make working out at home less obtrusive.

Many reviewers felt that this machine provided them with an impressive workout, and they were pleased with the results that they received. Keep in mind, however, that this machine may not be the most resistant one on the market. As a result, it is a better option for those that are looking for a low intensity workout, or for beginners.

For less than $300, many consumers were convinced that this rowing machine was well worth the price. The good quality, smooth operation, and easy assembly were just some of the features that made it such a great deal.

Some individuals complimented the durability of Stamina Air Rower, and were convinced that it would last for many years, despite heavy usage. This was another factor that led many owners to believe that this was a great value.

There were various complaints made regarding different design and longevity issues. Some complaints include: the amount of resistance that this model offers, certain parts of the machine malfunctioning/breaking, and the machine utilizing upper body strength more than the lower body. Despite these complaints, the majority of owners were still pleased with their purchase.

With a price tag less than $300 and an impressive design, this rowing machine may be a great option for you to consider! Buyers complimented the workout that it provided, the quality of it, and they also felt that this machine would prove to be a long-lasting addition to their home workout routine.

There were various complaints made regarding different aspects of this machine’s design, however, owners were still typically pleased with their purchase. If you are a beginner, or if you are looking for a low-intensity workout to improve your stamina, strength and cardio, this may be the right choice for you!

21 Apr

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine Review

 HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing MachineMany reviewers were pleased with the easy assembly of this rowing machine. Despite its large size, they felt that they could have it up and running in an impressive amount of time, which allowed them to begin their workout even sooner!

Owners felt that this exercise tool challenged them, and they were impressed with the aerobic workout that they received. It was mentioned however, that this machine did not provide an intense strengthening experience. It is more efficient at providing a good cardio workout.

This rowing machine folds easily for storage, so you do not have to worry about it taking up too much space. This pleased many owners, as a large and bulky machine would not flatter any home!

Some consumers felt that this was a quality machine that would prove to be a durable addition to their home workout routines. Additionally, they stated that the machine itself was made from sturdy materials that helped them to feel confident while they worked out.

At less than $400, many consumers were convinced that this machine was a quality investment. They were further impressed with the quality of this product, despite it reasonable price tag.

There were various complaints made regarding the computer of this rowing machine. The issues discussed most frequently were the large size of it, and the inaccurate readings that it provided.

Complaints made regarding the longevity of this model included specific aspects wearing out (the handles), and in some cases, owners felt that the entire machine malfunctioned.

Many owners were pleased with their purchase of this machine, and felt that the workout it provided was worth their investment. There were complaints made regarding the computer and the heat that is generated during use, but in many cases, consumers were impressed by this item.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced rowing machine that can be stored easily, this may be a good choice for you to consider!

8 Apr

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine Review

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000Many owners were pleased with the workout that this machine provided them with. They felt that they could work up a sweat quickly, enabling them to see the results they wanted in 30 minutes or less a day! Additionally, they complimented the overall quality of this model, and felt that it was a great value .

For less than $500, many reviewers believed that this rowing machine was a steal! The actual quality of the machine for the low price impressed owners, and gave them many reasons to praise this product!

When considering a purchase as large as a rowing machine, it is important to think about the space constraints that you have to deal with. Luckily, buyers complimented the compact size of this machine, and the fact that it folds easily for storage!

While working out at home, the amount of noise that a machine makes is a crucial aspect to consider. Many owners felt that this model ran so quietly that they could hear the television easily, and work out without interrupting the others in their home.

Despite the large size, buyers felt that this machine could be assembled rather easily. There were a few complaints made regarding the assembly instructions, but overall, consumers felt that the assembly was not very challenging.

There were complaints made regarding various aspects of this machine’s functionality. The computer display screen was one of the most frequently mentioned flaws, and the issues varied from inconsistent readings to spotty performance. Some complaints were also made regarding the capacity with which this machine transitioned between resistance levels.

If you are looking for a basic rowing machine that is available for a low price, this may be the right choice for you! The price, quality, and compact size were some of the main features that reviewers praised most frequently. There were some complaints made regarding different aspects of this machine’s overall functionality, and some consumers were not pleased with their purchase.

If you are an avid athlete, or are looking for an intense workout, this may not be the best choice for your needs. However, if you are just looking for a basic and affordable machine to utilize at home, this may be a good option!